10 benefits of external rendering

10 Benefits of External Rendering

Whether you’re looking to enlist your property for a sale or are looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home; external rendering is a way to go. If chosen wisely and applied correctly, external rendering can transform a dated-looking house into something awe-inspiring. It will not only give your house’s value a real boost but will also protect your property from elements like rain and dampness.

This read elaborates on the benefits that make external rendering an ideal cladding for your house. Feeling intrigued? Let’s jump straight in:

Why External Rendering?

I am glad that as a homeowner you’re after some house rendering ideas. It is without a doubt that the first impression matters the most when it comes to selling your property. You can’t expect to attract visitors or potential buyers if your house’s current exterior is in poor condition, or have a mixture of different mismatched materials.

External rendering is a popular method for cladding a house that comes with a plethora of finishes, colors, and textures to suit your budget and style of home. If you’re after a low-maintenance cladding than modern multi-colour render is your pick. You can use different colours to define various features and elements of your home’s exterior.

Insulate your property to make it efficient

A good quality external rendering will make your draughty home much more energy-efficient. External house rendering is ideal to add insulation to properties having solid wall construction. If you’re worried about space constraints and don’t want to add insulation internally; the external wall insulation system can do the trick here.  

Insulate your property with external rendering

Protect your property against wind and rain  

Your external wall rendering is the first line of defence for your property against water ingress and penetrating damp issues. So, external rendering will protect the underlying walling material from the effects of harsh weather and rainwater.

Protect your property from wind and rain

Enhances your home’s appearance

Whether you’re after an exterior makeover or are looking to renovate your home without breaking the bank; house rendering has a lot to offer. It just takes the appearance of your home to the next level of luxury and modernity. You can either go with whole-house cladding or you can have a partial rendering in conjunction with another form of house cladding; such as brick or timber.

Hide poor-quality brickwork

External rendering provides an easy way to cover up an unattractive, poor-quality or mismatched brickwork with a crisp and simple finish to your modern house design. So, forget about the mistakes of brickwork and get a sleek finish that can be painted later if required. Whether the walls were originally built with cheap, poor-quality, soft brick or stone; external rendering can hide poor brickwork beneath. So never worry about the tired up a building because rendering can brighten it up, transform its appearance and making it look modern and more visually appealing.


Adding value to your property

Well, a new render is one of the cheapest ways of enhancing your house’s curb appeal and adding value to your property. With a huge collection of textures, finishes, and a wide range of colors; you can get a wealth of possibilities during rendering your house.


In comparison to other types of cladding, the average cost of rendering a house is way low making it a highly cost-effective solution. The cost of rendering in the UK stands as low as £35 to as high as £60 per square meter; but it depends on the requirement of surface preparation, several coats, and the type of render. Silicon render is a bit more expensive than mono-couch render.  

Breathable Renders

The breathability of your building is an important aspect for any building to avoid bold and rotting. The moist air inside the building had to be dispersed to the external environment, helping to minimise condensation forming inside the property. Silicone and mineral render allows water vapour to run across through the surface which is a huge benefit to the building.

Say goodbye to paint

Unlike traditional paint, the pre-coloured renders have long-lasting colours of more than 25 years without fading. The renders are pre-coloured and are very stable in UV light.

Don’t worry about cracks

Modern-day renders like K-rend are best to avoid cracks. The flexible fibreglass mesh base coat layer allows it to move with the building. The render is applied on top of the base coat layer which is extremely thin and flexible. This combination makes render crack-proof.

Tie the look of house’s different parts

Another handy pro of render is that you can blend and tie the look of the house’s different parts constructed during a different phase of the building. So, even if one part of your house was constructed years back can now be tied with the newly constructed extension by rendering all the property.

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