How long does external render last for?

How long does external render last?

A lot of homeowners or buyers who’re about to purchase a property with external rendering are found asking how long does external render last? Well, frankly speaking, the question is pretty complex and the answer is not that simple. There’re a lot of factors that contribute to the life of the external rendering system for a property.

Well if you’re considering the render system for your property for the first time, it’s actually quite confusing to know whether it would be beneficial or not in terms of age. Anyhow, there’re plenty of homes in West Yorkshire that look stunning with render system. The design life of a typical render is 30 years and we here at Your External rendering guarantee your render for 25 years. In reality, the render will last even longer. But like many other finishing materials, external renders have a life.

You can expect some modern acrylic or plastic-based renders to last between 20 to 40 years. In most of the cases, the property doesn’t need a redo work for almost 50 years. Anyhow, let’s explore the contributing factors towards the age of different types of eternal renders:

Factors affecting the age of render

Type of Render

Many modern acrylic renders and silicon-based renders tend to have a long lifespan and if done correctly will need not to replace sooner.

Cement renders may need to be replaced sooner because they tend to crack and break off early as compared to some modern acrylic renders. They also undergo shrinkage and in case of excessive shrinkage, you’d be even in more trouble. They can crack anywhere from 7 to 15 years.

But again, it depends on the underlying conditions. If you have brickwork that is laid with cement-based mortar than there are fewer chances of early cracking. The rigid cement mortar will not let cement render to cope with movement. However, if there’s a lime-based mortar, the rigidity of cement render will not be going to stand against the mortar. It will crack; there will be bumps, hollow spots, and even spalling.

Modern renders with an adhesive base coat and mineral, silicon or acrylic topcoats are much more flexible and breathable. So, they are less liable to cracking. Such renders are like those things which you fit and forget.

Types of render that affect the lifespan of external rendering

Quality workmanship

For all the types of renders to perform and last a longer, you need good quality to rend system from a reputable renderer like Your External Rendering. You can expect to increase the longevity of renders when you apply it correctly and with proper preparation of the wall surface. Applying to render to a dirty exterior wall without any preparation will not only make your render to crack and break-off but it will peel-off early shortening the expected life.

Although it is very important that you choose good qualities to render for your home but it is equally important that you choose a reputable installer who knows what they are doing. A bad installer will give a headache to even the toughest of a person.

If you’re looking for reputable rendering services in West Yorkshire, you’re lucky because Your External rendering is now in your town that never compromises on quality. Our 5-star rating and numbers of satisfied customers are self-evident of our reliable external house rendering.

Our rendering specialists have hands-on experience with a number of rendering materials and insulation. You can choose from top-rated render brands like K-Rend Johnsons, Jubizol, Weber, Weatherby, and Parex.

Prevailing conditions and weathering

Another important aspect that factor in the lifespan of your render is the prevailing conditions that the render may get exposed to. If you’re living in an area where there is a significant amount of rain and the bad weather conditions are common, the render will not stand that long. Some lime and silicon-based renders work perfectly against such bad weathers and they protect the underlying bricks and insulation.

Types of weather affecting rendering

Want your render to last longer?

If you require more advice and tips on what type of render will be lost longer for your property, call us now and we’ll help in you in getting the right type of render. We’re always happy with pre-purchase inspections as we deal with all our customers dearly.

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