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The best external wall insulation systems to keep my home warm and damp free

So you don’t want to sacrifice too much space in lieu of internal insulation and are looking for the best external wall insulation to keep your home warm and damp free. Well, if you have solid external walls and there’s no chance of cavity insulation than external wall insulation has a lot to offer. But always remember, a good quality external wall insulation that stays in great shape requires a reputable external insulation installer.

At this stage, you might consider that external wall insulation is the last resort for those with solid walls but in actual it has a plethora of benefits and pros. 

However, while there are so many brands and products out there, it is quite overwhelming to choose the best one for your home.

But don’t you worry. This blog will explore the best external wall insulation to give you the most comfortable and cozy living inside your home.

Feeling enthusiastic? Let’s dive straight in.

The External Wall Insulation that’ll take your home comfort to the next level

To understand and evaluate the best external wall insulation system, you need to know about the key elements of the system. These include insulation boards, the adhesive, and the render finish.

The insulation board is the main thermal layer that provides the chosen insulation. It comes in various types and thicknesses and acts as a background for applying the basecoat and finishes. The choice of the best type of insulation board depends on factors like the required thermal performance, zoning, location, and your budget.

These insulation boards are normally fixed on the wall with ribbons of plastic or adhesive. Sometimes battens are fitted to walls if they are lumpy and uneven. The joints between boards are sealed properly by extra fixings.

 For the final aesthetic look of the building, the render finish is applied to the top. Its weatherproofing properties provide an added advantage. Some common types of render finishes are acrylic textures, silicon render, etc.

Now as the basics are covered. Let’s now explore the different type of insulation systems:

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded polystyrene is at the top of our list, the reason is; it’s non-toxic, moisture resistant, rot proof, and above all it’s cheap. Being light in weight, it’s easier to work with. The entrapped air bubbles inside the board prevent heat from transferring from one side to the other.  

Expanded polystyrene is available in two colors white and grey. The white color material is standard while the grey color is the enhanced type that has a high thermal performance. IT is best for low rise applications up to 18 meters and works best in coastal locations.

The only drawback of this type of insulation system is that it is classified as combustible. Anyhow, its combustibility is limited due to retardants and covering systems. The fire has to come up against the exterior render before getting to the insulation and most renders have a much higher fire rating.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) external wall insulation

Mineral Wool

If you’re worried about the EPS system for its combustibility then mineral wool is the way to go. It has got a high fire-resistance rating and it also has more soundproofing qualities.  

Mineral wool or glass fiber insulation is manufactured from molten rock or silica sand which is heated and blown to form thin fibers. It is much easier to install and is suitable for both low and high rise applications. In fact, it is the only type of insulation that is regarded as non-combustible. Mineral wool boards have water repellent properties and can resist the ingress of water to the face so it’s a very good candidate for the best wall insulation to keep your home warm and damp free.

Mineral Wool external wall insulation

Polyurethane foam or Phenolic foam

Did you know polyurethane or phenolic foam is the most thermally efficient insulation on the market? Yes, it’s because of the close cell matrix that is formed by the evaporation of a high-performance blowing agent and it gives it very good insulation values. Although it’s not classified as non-combustible insulation, it still has a good fire resistance property. It is available in a wide range of thicknesses to achieve the desired thermal values.

Polyurethane foam or Phenolic foam external wall insulation

Wood Fiber

Wood fiber insulation is made from wood chippings and natural binders. It’s the most eco-friendly and breathable type of insulation that is easy to use and gives good thermal comfort. Although it has got the lowest thermal properties many people encourage its usage owing to the eco-friendly credentials.

Wood Fiber external insulation

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