Why should I render my home?

So, you’ve been advised to render your home but you’re trying to figure out why you should render your home and what benefits you’ll get once it’s done. You might also want to know if rendering adds value to your home.  

Well, this read deals with all such basic questions that your mind may be stuffed with when you started to think about rendering your property.

When I refer to rendering, it means the process of applying a coat of cement on the external walls of a property to make them smooth or textured as you need. So, what about the internal walls? Well, the same practice of applying a coat of cement to internal walls is referred to as plastering rather than rendering.

The rendering involves the use of cement enriched coat i.e. it has a higher percentage of cement within its composition. It not just only makes your outside façade look stunning and flawless but it also your walls durable and weather resistant. When applied correctly and chosen wisely, rendering can transform a dated-looking house into something awe-inspiring.

Different types of rendering mixtures are readily available in the market which you can select based on the desire look and appearance. The most common rendering is made up of lime gypsum, sand, and cement along with bonding agents, drying additives, and colors. Some specialized admixtures and compounds are added for a specific application.    

Improve the look of the property

Whether you’re looking to enlist your property for a sale or you just want to enhance the curb appeal of your home in your town; rendering has a lot to offer. With rendering, you can take the appearance of your home to the next level of luxury and modernity without breaking the bank.

It’s without a doubt that the first impression matters the most and the same holds true when you’re going to sell your property. You can’t attract visitors or potential buyers with the poor exterior condition. So, with rendering, you can apply a plethora of finishes, colors, and textures that you can choose while keeping in view your budget and style of home.

Improve the apperance of your home with external rendering

Improves thermal performance 

If you’re annoyed with your draughty home and are worried about space constraints to add insulation internally; the good external rendering with external insulation system can do the trick here. External house insulation and external house rendering are ideal to improve the thermal performance of solid wall construction.

to improve the thermal performance of solid wall construction.

Breathable Walls – Moisture resistant – Deal with damp issues

The external rendering will protect the underlying walling material against water ingress and penetrating damp issues. Besides this, if you’re annoyed by interior condensation of your building than silicon and mineral renders can allow water vapor to run across the surface which is a huge benefit to the building. It enhances the breathability of your building which is an important aspect for any building to avoid bold and rotting.

Fire Resistant

Rendering your wall improves its overall fire-resistance rating. So, in case of an unfortunate event, you can get time to either extinguish the fire as it will not spread fast or you will be able to salvage the house’s occupant and your valuable items before the fire does some damage.

Durability and longevity – weatherproof your property

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their external walls more durable against weather elements like rainfall, snowfall, temperature changes, and harsh winds. Without a perfect render, the structure of walls like brick masonry has a negative impact on its physical and technical properties. Bricks can react with the rainwater and you can see efflorescence on the brick structure. To avoid such annoyance and make your external walls durable, the rendering is the way to go. The rendering will reduce the permeability and porosity of the wall material thereby improving and enhancing performance properties.

Blend your extension project with the old building

Another handy pro of external house rendering is that you can tie the look of the house’s different parts. You can not only hide the look of a poor masonry work but you can also blend the different parts of a structure constructed during different phases. So, if one part of a house was constructed years back it can now be tied with the newly constructed extension by rendering all property.

Expert External Rendering Services

To achieve all the above-stated benefits of external wall rendering, you’ve got to hire some experts and specialists. External rendering is a specialist job that requires an experienced person who knows its preparation and mixture along with its application in a variety of manners. So, if you’re looking for some unique decorative effects or you desire a smooth flawless look that doesn’t need to paint; we’re here to help.

Your external rendering is an expert in a variety of services including K-Rend, silicon rendering, pebbledash, or external wall insulation across areas of West Yorkshire, Huddersfield. Call us now and our sales representative will be happy to serve you with all your rendering needs.

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